Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I am in The British 10k London Run Supporting Tommy's...

Hey Dolls,

So I am a big fitness freak and love running and walking for charities as it is what I love doing and to keep me fit, I have previously ran the Cancer's Race for Life and power walked in my bra overnight in London for 13.1 miles for the MoonWalk raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

I am waiting very patiently for my marathon ballot place decision, so I also decided to sign up to The British 10k London Run, I decided to go for a completely different charity this time called Tommy's named after St Thomas' Hospital.
They were founded in 1992 and I think they stand for a really serious cause which is not so publicised as other charities, they fund research for still births, prematurity and miscarriage.

I think every woman deserves a healthy pregnancy and every baby deserves a chance of a healthy life, most people choose a charity which is close to home and focus on their personal stories which is great, but I like to keep the shine away from myself and focus all the attention of every donation and supporter directly to the charity itself. I think it is important to get the message across that this happens everyday to couples and women and if we can find the problem early on every baby will be born happy and healthy!

I have included some pictures of my previous runs and walks and below is the link to my Virgin Money Giving page for any donations people would like to make, I am so grateful in advance for all the support and sponsors and I look forward to running for this amazing cause TOMMY'S!

With Love

Amie x

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