Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Hey Dolls...

Have you always wanted big bouncy voluminous hair? Then this shampoo is for you! The moment I put this unusual salty shampoo onto my hair I knew it was love at first sight, it made me feel like a mermaid swimming through a clear blue ocean. Some of you may think, salt shampoo?! but this is not just a salt shampoo, it adds volume, leaves your hair feeling squeeky clean, shining like an angel sent from above and smelling delicious. I can sit for hours smelling this stuff it is so yum.

I have used this product for around 5-6 months now and I gone through quite a few tubs. I am not one to use a shampoo for this long so it must be good, I always find myself re purchasing this! It retails in Lush for £12.25 for 330g, and it lasts a reasonable long time, a little does lather up a lot.

You may think salt will dry out your hair, but this is mixed with oils such as coconut and mandarin which makes your hair silky smooth, it also has lemon and lime juices to give your hair that mega shine from making your hair cuticles lay flat allowing more light to reflect. I am a lover of Lush because of their all natural products and this is by far my favourite product from them, it is not only natural but also it really does what it says on the tub, it gives you BIG luxurious to the touch hair.

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