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My Top 7 Sick Day Must Have's/Do's

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The last couple of days I have been feeling rather under the weather, the daunting sick time of the year is officially here. I am a person which is very prone to being sick especially with colds! 90% of the time I battle through but the odd 10% I just want to snuggle on the sofa and relax for a couple of days. I have listed below my top 7 sick day must have's/do's for when all I want to do is nothing but still want to feel human.

  • First up, cosey snuggly pjs, whether its a onesie or fleecy 2 piece, comfortable lounge wear is a must! You want to feel like a human teddy bear to battle through the coughs and sneezes.
  • Nothing beats a nice relaxing bath. When I am ill, in the evening I will run a very hot bath with my favourite bubble bath. Sometimes I also put a little bit of melted vapor rub in the bath or on the side, with the steam from the hot water it helps to clear out the airways which are causing your nose to be stuffy and blocked, it leaves you feeling fresh and less germy.
  • Along with a hot bath I like to keep my skincare simple, I don't know about anyone else but the last thing I want to be doing is putting product after product on when I am not feeling too great. The first skin care product I will use is a hydrating face mask whilst in the bath, the steam will open the pores of the skin letting the mask to fully work its magic in making my dull complexion much brighter, hydrated and fresh. The second product is my everyday moisturiser, I will pop this on straight after the bath for that extra hydration.
  • Having handy a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. When I am laying around I must admit I get rather bored. I usually take this time to catch up on youtube videos, reading blogs and doing some online shopping. Its amazing how much shopping can actually make you feel better. Also watching netflix and love film gets me through the painful hours I am laying around waiting for a miracle to feel some what human again.
  • Adopt a puppy. Ok maybe not actually get a puppy, but my dogs keep me warm and cosey. Nothing beats puppy snuggles when feeling grubby.
  • Stick to blankets and layers. A good warm blanket will keep you heated up when you get the flu chills but not too warm you feel like your going to pass out when the hot sweats start.
  • My bestfriend when I'm ill is tea. English breakfast tea or green tea. I just love tea! It is something to sip on whilst watching the walking dead box set and catching up on all my youtube subscriptions.

These are all the thing I like to have and do whilst I'm feeling unwell, not much but to be snuggly and warm but I thought I would share.

With Love

Amie xo

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