Friday, 31 October 2014

October Favourites x

Hey Dolls, 

It's Friday and it's Halloween, what better day to post my October favourites. I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far and has not been too spooked out yet. Lets begin...

I love eyebrows, who doesn't? it has took me over a year to grow my natural eyebrows into the shape I like and to get them looking thicker and fuller without using brow powders and gels. I am still not fully there yet but over the last couple of months I have been dying my eyebrows with this kit from Superdrug, I can't find this online so I am not sure if they still sell this, it would be a shame because it works so well, it gives me the colour I need and makes my eyebrows look filled in without using any products.

I have been gradual fake tanning recently and I find after a while you can get a build up and in need of a scrub and to start over. I have been loving this St Ives Apricot Body Scrub and the Clean & Clear Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. The St Ives Scrub has so many good reviews online and it is so affordable so I thought I would give a try, overall I really like it, it really gets the tuff dead skin off my elbows and knees.

As a sufferer for over 10 years of bad skin and acne I have found it hard to get a balance in keeping my skin looking clear. I use this scrub every morning to make my face feel fresh and it gives a gentle exfoliation without over doing it. I have noticed it has made my skin look brighter and more radiant and has kept my black heads at bay, definitely a rolling monthly favourite.

These Cheryl lashes have been my life this month. I have gone through 2 pairs so far, they are amazing for a more natural flutter. Great for casual and for a night out

The real techniques beauty blender is my new favourite tool to use for applying my foundation, it makes your face look flawless and so easy to blend the product. I was a bit sceptical over using a sponge to apply make up but now I am sold! It works best when wet but also just as well dry if you're in a hurry. For under 6 quid this truly is a bargain must have for everyones make up bag.

Last but not least I love my MAC soft and gentle highlighter, I have used this everytime I do make up since I purchased it last month in Marbella, this is a classic hoily grail go to highlighter, you just cant go wrong with it! 

With Love

Amie xo

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