Thursday, 28 August 2014

La Bella by Samantha Faiers


Hey Dolls,

So I have been loving this d├ębut scent from Samantha Faiers, if you do not know who she is was on the British reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. I have been using this fragrance for just over a month now and I love love love it! It reminds me a bit of Prada Candy, it is a very sweet fruity scent and I find it is perfect as an everyday perfume as it is very affordable (£24.50 from The Fragrance shop) but just adds that touch of luxury and glam to your everyday life. Also it lasts for ever, I have hardly made a dent and I have been spraying this a lot over the past month.

The perfume itself comes in a 100ml slightly tinted glass bottle and it feels very luxurious to hold, overall I think this fragrance is amazing, affordable and I would definitely recommend it to you if you love the sweet perfumes.
Amie xo

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Liebster Award ❤

First of all thank you to the Creator of Knowledge from for the nomination, I feel very honoured as my blog is VERY new! Thank you so much you're so sweet xx

The basic rules:
Link and thank the blogger who nominated you
Answer the questions they asked
Pick 11 other bloggers with no more than 200 followers to nominate
Ask them 11 questions and let them know you nominated them

Favorite month?

This has to be December, as it is my birthday and christmas 5 days apart so I get 2 lots of presents in 1 week.

One book you can read over and over again?

I read quite a variety of books but my favourites are crime and thrillers so this one has to go to all of the Kimberly Chambers books, I can't pick one as their all my favourites!

One place you would love to visit?

Has to be Vegas baby.

What made you start blogging?

I am qualified Beauty Therapist and I am a big Beauty Blog and Youtube Guru fan, photography and video are also my hobbies so I decided to start my own to express my own opinions and also for fun.

Favorite meal? Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Definitely dinner

Are you a morning or night person?

A morning person, which is rare I suppose lol

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mint chocolate chip

Any blogging advice?

It is ok to find inspiritation in other people but just be yourself.

Do you have a secret talent?

Does being a really really fast walker count? lol

Role model?

My role model would be Lucy Meck as I'm a fitness person I think she has done a great job at changing her body and becoming fit, healthy and successful. She is my main motivation.

Dream occupation as a child?

To be a beautician and hairdresser!

My Nominations:

Viran -
Melissa -
Andree -
Jasmin -
Andrea -
Zyndee -
Liam -
Laura -
Lucy -
Kathryn -

Questions to my Nominations:

1. Favourite comfort food?
2. Your favourite blogger?
3. Do you have any bad habits?
4. What is the most random thing you have ever done?
5. Your dream job?
6. What would you do if you won 10 million on the lottery?
7. Favourite movie/TV series?
8. What type of person would you describe yourself as?
9. What do you do in your spare time?
10. Your favourite drink?
11. What is your favourite time of the year?

Have fun answering :)

Amie xo

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Favourites 2014

Hey Dolls

These are my July Favourites! Some Beauty some not so beauty but overall I have used these everyday throughout the month of July. A little bit late, but better late than never!

Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo

OMG this stuff smells sooooo good I can't even describe it I wish you could smell through a screen, it's like the sea mixed with lemons ahhh. It leaves my hair so refresh and gives so much volume to my not to full hair.

Dove Leave in Conditioner

This stuff is my life saver on holiday, saves my hair after a long day at the beach or pool. You can use this on wet or dry hair, it leaves your hair feeling so soft and smooth and it doesnt matter how much you use it doesn't feel like you have a lot of product in.

Greek Yoghurt and Pomegranate Seeds

I literally eat this everyday with my lunch or as a snack no joke! Its so freaking good!!

Costa Coffee Vanilla Latte

This is my new morning life saver, I get one of these every other day on the way to work, it wakes me up on my long train journey and of course it tastes amaze.

Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

I have used this all month at home and on holiday I am obsessed! My boyfriend actually got it and I stole it, I used this all holiday in the pool and at the beach with my sister, we made some pretty cool videos which I may post to Youtube soon after I have edited them.

Hope you enjoyed my July Faves,

Amie xo

My Trip to Cyprus Nissi Bay 2014

Hey Everyone,

Last week I returned from my trip to Cyprus, I had such an amazing time and the beach was amazing. I stayed just outside Ayia Napa in Hotel Atlantica Aeneas for 7 nights, it is a 5 star hotel and apparently has one of the largest swimming pools in world?! It was my first time staying at this hotel as I normally stay at the Olympic Lagoon Resort down the road which is also beaut. All the stuff at the Aeneas were so kind and lovely and the food was out of this world, I am literally coming home 10 stone heavier! I would recommend this hotel to anybody, couples and families. They have a variety of different rooms and suites some have jacuzzi's and some are swim up room straight from the pool, very cool.

I Thought I would share a few pictures of my trip mostly of me the beautiful Nissi Beach, enjoy!